Energy and Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Who We Are

Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC (Tierra) is a full service energy and natural resource management consulting firm. Tierra’s principle staff members have provided best-in-class consulting services for over 30 years.  We leverage our collective experience through our outstanding technical staff to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients get more value from their resource management engagements.  Tierra’s team has a wide range of skills and in-depth expertise in energy engineering and architecture, market and technology research, and economic and financial analysis.  We have broad and deep experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, and green building technologies and applications. Our clients have included electric, gas, and water utilities; private industry clients; local, state, and Federal government agencies; and, regulatory bodies across North America. 

Recent Projects

  • Integrated Community Resource Market, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Solar Innovation Study, Arizona Public Service Company
  • Development of an Industrial Sector Strategic Energy Management Program, Private Industry Client
  • DSM Program Design and Portfolio Development, Arizona Public Service Company
  • C&I Impact, Process, and Market Evaluation, Puget Sound Energy
  • Commercial Building Stock Assessment, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Qualified Solar System Installer Training, Arizona Public Service Company
  • DSM Strategic Consulting, Arizona Public Service Company




What We Do

Program Planning and Delivery

Tierra staff have assisted clients with energy efficiency and renewable energy program design and delivery projects for over three decades.  Whether starting a new energy program portfolio or enhancing current offerings, we have helped our clients:

  • Determine the right mix of programs and measures to offer a client’s customer base
  • Identify target markets, what segments to focus on, and the best ways to reach them
  • Determine appropriate spending allocations and resources to devote to each segment
  • Conduct cost effectiveness screening of potential measures and technologies
  • Optimize program and the portfolio products and services to maximize cost effectiveness
  • Deliver customer and trade partner outreach and training programs

Tierra combines years of energy and resource management program experience and knowledge of best practices with an understanding that solutions need to be customized for a client’s service area considering climate, building stock, political and regulatory environment, and utility needs and objectives.  We have helped our clients develop numerous award-winning energy efficiency portfolios nationwide.

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Tierra’s senior staff have been at the leading edge of energy program impact, process and market evaluation for nearly three decades.  We believe that good evalutation should go beyond the traditional role of simply documenting program results after the fact and focus on delivering actionable feedback that helps program managers deliver the highest possible value to the customer.  Our approach emphasizes:

  • Integrating evaluation directly into the program delivery process
  • Offering real time feedback to program managers and providing timely information to maximizing savings
  • Applying evaluation methods that promote continuous process improvement and value enhancement
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art research, data collection, and analytic methods

We have conducted evaluations of energy programs in all customer sectors and end-use applications for clients across the country.

Market Research and Technology Assessment

Our firm takes pride in assisting our clients with staying at the leading edge of energy efficiency and renewable energy technology and market developments.  Tierra offers a wide range of services designed to help better inform clients about energy resource planning decisions including:

  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy technology assessments and performance measurement
  • Technical, economic, and market potential studies
  • Load shape analysis and energy forcasting
  • Market and customer research, targeting, and segmentation

We regularly assist our clients with studies and assignments in support of program and delivery activities, sustainability and climate action planning projects, and integrated resource planning efforts.

Energy and Regulatory Assistance

Tierra has extensive experience helping clients navigate the regulatory landscape related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and integrated resource planning policy.  Our experience includes:

  • Providing direct testimony and writing regulatory filings
  • Hosting policy and collaborative workshops
  • Participating in energy efficiency resource standards development
  • Advocating for the value of integrating DSM resources into the utility resource planning process