Energy and Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Managing Power, Energy, and Renewables

Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC (TRC) is a full service energy and natural resource management consulting firm. With over 25 years in the energy and resource consulting industry, our senior management has in-depth expertise and experience in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, green building technologies and applications, and resource industry human capital deployment. Our mission is quality service to our clients and contribution to a sustainable future.

Recent Projects

Opportunities for Trade and Knowledge Exchange Between the PRC and USA Related to Clean Air Solutions: In collaboration with the Crown Parker Advisory Group and the People’s Republic of China, Tierra developed innovative strategies and technologies for reducing air pollution that are leading edge, commercially viable, and can be implemented without sacrificing growth in economic output. The outcomes of this report are currently being further investigated to identify opportunities to integrate proposed solutions within existing infrastructure and policy.


Arizona Public Service Demand Side Management (DSM) Portfolio Evaluation


California Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Green Building Standards Assessment



Work Areas

  • Utility Demand-Side Management program design, evaluation and implementation support
  • Utility and municipal energy and green building code consulting and compliance support
  • End use customer energy engineering, energy code compliance, and green building consulting
  • Energy and natural resource technology and market assessment