Energy and Natural Resource Management and Conservation

Who We Are

Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC (Tierra) is an energy and natural resource management consulting firm. Tierra’s principle staff members have provided best-in-class consulting services for over 30 years.  We leverage our collective experience to deliver innovative solutions that help our clients get more value from their resource management engagements.  Tierra’s team has a wide range of skills and in-depth expertise in energy engineering, market and technology research, and economic and financial analysis.  We have broad and deep experience in energy efficiency, demand management, renewable energy, water and other resource conservation, sustainability and climate change. Our clients have included electric, gas, and water utilities; private industry clients; local, state, and Federal government agencies; and, regulatory bodies across North America. 

Recent Projects

A sample of current and recent projects conducted by Tierra are listed below.  Click on the “Services” tab for more information.

  • Integrated Community Resource Market – Development of an innovative project funding platform for Local Governments.
  • Solar Innovation Study – An in-field assessment of the performance of solar storage, and energy efficiency systems.
  • Industrial Strategic Energy Management Program – Development of a strategic energy management program targeting the industrial sector.
  • DSM Program Design and Portfolio Development – Design and implementation of a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficiency programs.
  • C&I Impact, Process, and Market Evaluation – Comprehensive evaluation of electric and gas energy efficiency programs.
  • Commercial Building Stock Assessment-In-depth characterization of commercial building stock to inform energy conservation planning.
  • Qualified Solar System Installer Training – Development and presentation of a solar system installation contractor training program.




What We Do

Tierra’s primary work areas are summarized below.  Click on the “Services” tab for more information.

  • Program Design and Delivery – Design, management, and optimization of energy efficiency, renewable energy, demand management, and sustainability programs.
  • Evaluation and Performance Measurement – Evaluation, measurement, and verification studies providing actionable insights into program performance and optimization.
  • Market Research and Technology Assessment – Combining research expertise, market savvy, and technology knowledge to identify market opportunities and technology solutions.
  • Resource Planning and Analysis – Applying our experience in energy and resource management to integrated resource, sustainability, and climate action planning.